How Do You Know When He’s into You?

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Mixed Signals from Guys

Push/pull; stop/start; wait/go. Mixed signals are everywhere. So, how do you know what he is really saying?

Want to know a secret? If you can’t read what he’s communicating, chances are he doesn’t know what he means either! But I do know this is all part of the compatibility testing phase.

Mixed signals are just that – mixed signals. Especially in the early days of a relationship.

Guys are terrified of the whole commitment thing. So, if a bloke starts to like you – whether he realizes this or not – at a subconscious level he’s going to feel like his heart and his head are in the blender. He won’t know what is up with himself even. I’d go so far to say that his inconsistencies even take him by surprise.

Sending Mixed Signals

So, what do you do with all this turmoil? Live with it. At least in the short term. See it as part of the establishment phase of you relationship and cut him some slack. Of course, don’t let him get away with being disrespectful of you but, if he is in turmoil let him work through it. Just don’t cop too much flack. He may even come out of the blender declaring his love for you ….. one day …. and then declaring time out the next 🙂

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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