Is Your Midlife Crisis Showing?

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Midlife Crisis Symptoms

Are you heading for your midlife crisis? This happen earlier and more frequently than most people would imagine.

First off, take this point a midlife crisis does not necessarily happen midlife. It’s a misnomer (look it up). This crisis is often associated with self loathing¬†rather than love, and deep reflection. It can strike at any time.

When you think of midlife, rightly you probably think 45+. But, this crisis seems to start earlier than that for a lot of people. Maybe it should be renamed? That might be why there is so much confusion?

Here are some signs that point to a crisis. Are you or your partner:

  • wanting change for change sake
  • starting to act impulsively, making irrational decisions about your marriage, your relationship, even your job
  • questioning everything and wonder why you feel trapped
  • experiencing a change in your sexual activity, be it frequency, starting an affair, ending an affair, questioning your own sexuality even
  • having a sudden obsession with your appearance
  • reminiscing about their youth and previous loves, way beyond the normal level of introspection and day-dreaming
  • drinking more alcohol

Other Warning Signs of a Midlife Crisis Happening

  • sleeping more, eating more, eating less, feeling tired all the time
  • becoming fixated with your own mortality
  • feeling bored with life
  • questioning how you’ve lived your life and wondering if you’ve wasted your time
  • feeling less confident about your abilities and what you have to offer your work, your partner, your family
  • spending ¬†more time with younger people
  • putting additional pressure on your children to excel in school or life, when deep down you know it is you that you’re referring to

Admit It! You are having a midlife crisis!

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