Men and Women are Wired Differently

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Men and Women


We are Different – Women and Men Really are Different

Our brains are wired differently and that’s a scientific fact. Men have different neck top computers to women. Each has different RAM, different requirements, different needs. So, how do we keep love alive when there is room for so much to go wrong?

As this comedian demonstrates these differences can be irritating.

Are we even speaking the same language? When a guy ask ‘how’s your day?; he isn’t necessarily looking for an in depth analysis and loads of interaction and feedback. He doesn’t want you to relive your day in detail and retell it all: ‘he said this ; then I said that; then he did ……..’

Details; details; details. Why do women remember the details in detail and men hardly remember any detail at all? Definitely we are wired differently and for us, the devil is in the detail. This is where life is; it’s in the minutae.

Men Mars Women Venus

And that’s where few guys hang out. Maybe this is why we need our girlfriends?

So, if you want to keep your love alive, don’t ever be tempted to overload your man’s neck top computer with all the details that make life what it is. Save the details for your girlfriends.

For another point of view on the Women are from Venus, Men from Mars check out this blog.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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