Are You Ready to Meet the Parents?

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Tips for Meeting the Parents!!!

Here are some old fashioned ideas being espoused by what looks like some pretty switched on young women about how to make a good first impression with the parents. Will you survive the meeting and will your relationship pass the test?
I’m pleased to hear them using words that reflect values of old but Im wondering how relevant their ideas are to those under 30. Here’s a checklist and my comments. What do you think?

  • Ladies – wear a turtle neck. If you can’t get your hands on a Nun’s costume best to cover up as much as possible
  • Guys – wear a tie and a belt (and presumably a bit more in between too)
  • Take a gift and if you are caught off guard, send a gift afterwards. Nice touch!
  • Do background checks – no not for security reasons but to make sure you know what topics to avoid and which ones to pursue

At the First Meeting

  • Be polite and helpful – common sense and good manners never go astray
  • Know their political affiliations – is she serious? Is this an American thing perhaps? Best advice is not to talk about politics, s.e.x., the paranormal, religion or any other topic which tends to divide groups of people
  • Let the parents do the talking. Be a good listener (this is good advice for life not just when meeting the parents)

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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