Top 10 Ways to Make a Marriage Proposal

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Marriage Proposal

Romantic love is not dead! What a sweetie. Would you be impressed if that was how your proposal was delivered? I would be.

To be certain if the girl said yes, you’ll have to watch the video but I think you can probably guess what her answer was.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Has your relationship stood the test of time? Is it time to take it to the next level? Marriage is a big, dare I say it, commitment but if you love each other and you are compatible then you won’t want to muck up the big question.

If you are ready to commit to your relationship, here are some fun ideas if you’re the type to push the boundaries of creativeness.

  1. Fall out of a plane – with a parachute attached
  2. Get a writer to write your proposal in the sky
  3. Lay a path of candles and place the ring at the end
  4. Use chalk or washable paint and craft out your message wherever you please
  5. Place a bow on your cute dog and attach your ring
  6. Whisk her away for a romantic weekend and let the hotel in on the secret
  7. Return to a place that is special to you both and have that picnic, pop that champagne cork, or have a table especially laid with cloth, cutlery, food, ice bucket etc
  8. Jump off a building (bungee jump, I mean) together that will get the adrenalin flowing
  9. Go to Fiverr and get a love marriage proposal song written for her
  10. Already got a special occasion lined up, then add the ring onto the tux, long gown, limo……

If you have other ideas then please add them to the list. The more romantic and ‘out there’ the better.

Watch the video and Get Some Marriage Proposal Ideas …

and leave your comments below.


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