Lust or Love

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Lustful Love


Is it Lust or Love?

Look at this video and see what guys with high testosterone look like. It’s not what I had in mind. They don’t have the bulging muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger but apparently these guys rate highly in the personality type which is driven by testosterone.

Watch Dr Helen Fisher as she puts her research and tips on dating, lust and love into practice with the studio audience. Interesting stuff.

Are you a player or a stayer? The players has to be guarded – they have the wandering eye. The stayer has more estrogen (even males).

So, what Dr Fisher is saying is that different partners are right for different phases of our lives and different needs. When we want fun then lust seems a good option. When we are looking to settle then love needs to be foremost in our minds.

Can we have both? Sure. Lust can turn to love but not vice versa.

So, now you have my thoughts on Lustful Love…

Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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