Are You Ready for a Love Makeover?

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Get Yourself a Love Makeover

This is a great idea. Are in the market for a personal makeover? By makeover Im not talking about the outward appearance type of makeover but the inner world makeover that works on the core of who you are.

In this video the trainer and life coach takes her client through the exercise. So, it is pretty practical and I urge you to give it a try.

If you are looking for a bit of personal development training that will help you either find love or keep love alive in your world, start with this simple exercise.

So, be adventurous: get in touch with the side of you that is all you want to be – powerful, attractive, strong, loving, easygoing and compatible – whatever traits you know you have – and you want to see more of in your life.

Now, choose a name for that side of you – that is still you … it’s just a part that doesn’t come out to play very often. Be outrageous in giving it a name.

Thats the easy part but this is where it gets interesting. It is remarkable how often we censor our dreams, our imagination, our hopes. It is as though we won’t even allow ourselves the luxury of ‘what if’. Why is that? Why do we sabotage our future possibilities? They are only possibilities and yet we so often do not dare to even dream or entertain them in our lives.

Is that you? Do you shut down every time your dreamings get too powerful?

So, now you have two opinions on Love Makeovers …

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