If you Really Loved Me I Wouldn’t Have to Ask

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Love is Give and Take

Don’t be Polite. It you want him, go get him. If there’s a guy that you want to date or marry or shack up with then, you should just do it.

How does that sound? If you are a woman that probably seems a scary thought. But just consider, maybe this is what guys want and expect even.

Don’t wait to be asked. Don’t wait to be offered whatever it is you want. It just may not happen otherwise. It is a different mind set isn’t it?

So, are men takers and women givers?

Never thought much about it before but obviously this guy above has. Sure its a gross generalisation but maybe there is something in it.

Let’s consider this. As a woman I know that I am naturally inclined to be a giver. So, I can agree with half the statement. But are men really takers? What’s your experience?

Are you comfortable or uncomfortable with taking? Does it depend? For me it does. It depends on who I’m taking for.

Are you comfortable taking? Or are you going to sit around waiting for it to be offered? You may be waiting a long time.

So, now you have two opinions on Love and Give and Take…

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