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An Interview with Louise Hay

In the first Louise Hay Interview, the foundations for a good life were laid bare.

Louise Hay is the mother of positive thoughts and the arch enemy of negativity.

It really is quite simple. To get more of what you want – more love, more harmony and compatibility in your life – get rid of negativity.

When you go to say something negative – STOP. Replace it with something less negative, even positive if you cna stretch that far.

You see thinking is a habit. We get into good habits – and bad – just as easily.

Most of our thoughts happen below the radar. Usually, we aren’t even aware that we are having downers on people, things, events, ourselves. But what goes on below the radar is every powerful

Set yourself a challenge. catch your thoughts. Count how many times you think negatively in one day. If you are now getting what you want in life, chances are you are at the behest of your own thoughts.

So, count the negatives. Then set yourself a challenge – you do like challenges dont you? Choose one topic that you are notoriously negative about – his parents, your sister, your partner – whatever. And, for a day, tone down those negative thoughts.

Try it , you will be pleasantly surprised.  It works for Louise Hay and many others too.

So, now you’ve watched Louise Hay’s interview.

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