Stop Thinking That Right Now

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Louise Hay’s Affirmations

Stop that Right Now

What were you just thinking? Were you day dreaming about how wonderful are you, your life, your world? If so, then please continue and sorry to interrupt this very positive activity. The world needs more love – not narcissistic love – but pure, unconditional love. The kind that benefits all.

How many thoughts race through our heads every day and we leave them unchecked? We are usually oblivious to the ideas, the self talk, the criticisms – all the negative stuff that moves through our minds every waking moment of every day.

So, what were you thinking? Were you being self critical – too fat, too tall, too short, too quiet, too this, too that…..?

You know what, you will never be perfect, so get over it. No one, not even that drop dead gorgeous model that you scanned from top to toe is perfect. She was airbrushed into life like a cartoon character.

That’s not you. You are real; you are authentic; you are the real deal.

You are perfect for who you are and what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime. If you feel the need to do a bit of fine-tuning, go ahead. Chances are, you have enough intelligence to work out what it is you need and where to find it. But don’t go chasing the media dream.

Sure, there are people out there who are richer, smarter, more beautiful than you. They may even be happier – sometimes, if not always – than you. You are not them. You never will be.

Use what you have and milk it for all that you can. It will be enough to sustain you for a lifetimes. Try it.

Catch watch you’re thinking. Are you beating up on yourself? Stop it and watch the world stop beating up on you.

Are you pulling others down with your thoughts about them? Cease now. It does them and you no favours.

Negative thoughts attract negative outcomes. See what Louise Hay says about this.

So, stamp out negativity NOW! Give the world more love; you may even find more love coming back into your own life.

Watch Louise Hay’s Video on Affirmations

Watch the video above. If you like her take on negativity then check out her movie, You Can Heal Your Life (not an affiliate link).


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