In a Long Distance Relationship?

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Top Dating Tips for Making a Long Distance

Relationship Work

  • Talk it Through
    • work out the logistics of how this relationship is going to work
    • what is your mindset and how do you want your partner to regard you in your absence?
    • is monogamy or playing the field what you both want?
  • Communicate
    • keep in touch
    • mix up the ways you communicate
    • save the heavy conversations until you are face to face
  • Keep Busy
    • fill up the time
    • meet up with friends
    • take up a new bobby
  • Reunion
    • meet in the middle
    • visit them at their new home
  • Enjoy
    • your time apart
    • and your time together
  • Remember
    • for better of for worse, your relationship may never get out of the courting stage!

    So, now you have my thoughts on Long Distance Relationships… 

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