Are Libra and Scorpio Compatible?

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What Happens When Libra and Scorpio Get It Together?

Is this a good fit? Are you compatible? Really, this depends on how the traits of your individual star signs reveal themselves. This zodiac match could work well as you are both highly emotional people, with Scorpio being even more so than Libra. Scorpio, in particular, you need to watch your tendency towards jealousy and extremes of emotion!

These signs are located next to each other on the zodiac wheel but that doesn’t mean you are close in alikeness.

Libra likes to kick back and take life easy; Scorpio, on the other hand loves to meet life’s challenges head on. See the fundamental differences here? But it can work for example if Libra takes some of the pressure off Scorpio and, in turn, Libra gets the chance to enjoy the excitement that Scorpio brings to any relationship.

Libra and Scorpio, chances are you will both share a deep passion, enjoy a mutual attraction and fascination, but have little in common in the way that you think about things.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


Summary: Alluring, Attachment, Charismatic

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