Libra-Pisces Compatibility

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Libra and Pisces can be a good love match. If you are old enough you will remember “The Carpenters” . The Carpenters were a brother and sister who used to sing in the 70s. Karen Carpenter was the Pisces and Richard Carpenter was the Libra.

The Libra-Pisces Compatibility is an air and water match, and astrologically may not be the best, but the relationship can endure.

Libra and Pisces are quite similar. They are both highly romantic, idealistic. Both of them are agreeable, very helpful, thoughtful and sensitive. They value each other as well as the relationship.

In occasions the fish can be judgemental, but the Libran will also realize that the ability of the Piscean to see things from many angles can be a good thing for the couple.   Pisces is very intuitive and he/she can see things that the Libran will not. This ability will actually attract Librans.

In many cases the Libran will appear to be keener to get involved, whilst the Piscean may be a bit more cautious about it. Librans will be best if they can work at the Piscean pace.

A good point in this love match is that both of them will keep the romance alive by celebrating anniversaries and important dates. Both of them are warm and tender. The danger is that they may stay in the partnership in the name of “love” even in cases where the relationship is not what either of them wants.

Librans, as well as Pisceans, are more peaceful individuals. . They do not like aggression. Sometimes Pisceans, being more introverted, will keep to themselves. This may be a bit difficult for Librans to comprehend.  On the other hand, Pisceans can be a bit possessive whilst Librans prefer more freedom. Therefore this can cause some conflict.

Pisceans are ruled by Venus whilst Librans are ruled by Jupiter. The two fishes can dream a bit, and get lost in their own world. But the Librans can assist them to get back in balance.

In conclusion, the Libra-Pisces compatibility, like any other relationship, has its challenges, but it can result in a lasting love match.

Libra-Pisces Compatibility

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Libra-Pisces Compatibility

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