Leo and Libra – Compatible or Not?

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Great News – Leo and Libra are highly compatible! This is a wonderful example of horoscope compatibility in action.

This is a great connection. It bring sociability and the finer things in life to both of these people. Leo makes Libra feel like royalty, and is a big spender. The Lion can be a bit brash at times though but generally, Libra is able to overlook this crassness and remains tactful and the relationship flourishes.

Summary: Luxurious, Extravagant, Beautifying

Leo and Libra are particularly compatible in the area of romance, but in the other aspects of life there is a need for more compromise and negotiation.

So, if sharing, caring and diplomacy are added to this relationship then the couple will thrive.

This is a compatible mix of air (Libra) an fire (Leo) and as in chemistry this mix can be highly combustible or warm and sensual. It’s a matter of adjusting the thermostat and this is one of the challenges for this couple, if they are looking for long term commitment rather than a quick, white hot hook up.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

This is a relationship that astrologically and potentially can be filled with love, companionship and passion. Enjoy!

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