Leo: A Pussy Cat or the Real Thing?

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Having Fun with Leo

Are you really the inmate running the asylum Leo or is this just one of the many misconceptions that goes with being a Lion? How compatible you are with other signs depends on who you are dealing with.

Is it your fault that you are loved and adored … and then abandoned? Can you really help the fact that you are so popular,  fawned over, preened and then left to lick your wounds? I don;t think so but then I would say this because, who in their right mind would argue with a big pawed, big jawed cat?

Yes Leo your ego is bigger then average and yes, we know it takes a lot to maintain it? So, why wouldn’t you get help here there and everywhere from every Tom Dick and Harry who happens to fall under your spell?

What’s your idea of hell? According to this video it it the place where you go unnoticed Leo. Not for you the quiet, contemplative corners of the world. You prefer to be under the bright lights – where your beauty can be seen in all of tis glory – that is unless those lights are too bright to compete with. In which case, you will have them toned down or shot out of their sockets.

Are you in a relationship Leo? With someone other than yourself, that is. If you are, chances are your best friend is your own, small furry pet. Is that correct or is the video too tough on the Lion?

Leo, you are generous and kind by nature and that works in your favour when you overdo the childlike behaviours, which you tend to do too often anyway.

Leo Fun Facts

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