Chemistry and the Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction

In a recent survey of 22,000 people on dating and romance, it was found that:

  • both makes and female rate kindness, a sense of humor, a smile and sexual chemistry as most important when meeting a person for the first time
  • 93% think poor hygiene kills attraction
  • 46% have been cheated on by their partner20% think that falling in love can happen without sexual attraction
  • 37% of men think the tv is a passion starter
  • 64% of men and women find communication more attractive as they age
  • as women age, they are turned off by lack of ambition in men
  • men rank hair and body shape as important when first meeting a woman
  • women are twice as likely to think money is important in a man than vice versa
  • 90% of people think attraction can be rekindled
  • 44% of people have had an office romance, and
  • the main factor in a long term relationship is kindness!

Wow. That is quite a set of stats and some of the findings are very reassuring. What about you? Any surprises?

I think the only finding that sticks out badly for me is the one about TV being a turn on. Wherever did they get that misconception from?

So, now you have my thoughts on the Law of Attraction…

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