Jealousy, Depression and Love

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How to Keep Love When You’re Filled With Hate


Jealous and Depression and How They Impact Keeping Love Alive

This is another excellent video from Dr Sheri Meyers. Here she addresses the issues of depression and jealousy and offers great insights into these all too common difficulties in a marriage. So, if you are facing either (or both) of these debilitating problems and they are threatening your love read this summary and then check out the video.

Here are the questions Dr Meyer specifically addresses and a summary of her answers.

  • How can I encourage my spouse to be financially responsible?
    • get the money discussions right and the rest of your relationship will be easy
  • How can I cope with my spouse’s romantically jealous behavior?
  • How can I resolve my romantic jealousy towards my spouse?
  • How can my spouse and I cope with jealousy?
    • unless you’re behaving in a flirtatious manner jealousy stems from insecurity
    • what is it in your own life that you are not getting
    • if your partner is over the top jealous in a pathological way, seek professional help immediately. This can get out of control and threaten not only the relationship but also the individuals
    • jealously is like a cancer and it can kill, or be soul destroying
    • jealousy is just a different way of showing that you don’t trust your partner

Keep Love Alive

  • How can my spouse and I avoid comparing ourselves to others?
    • don’t do it – it divides the relationship
  • How can I help my spouse cope with the loss of their job?
    • they need time to ‘regroup’
    • most of us identify with our work and this, in essence, is a grief situation
    • the stages of grief are: shock, shame, angry, depression, and then acceptance
  • How can I tell if my spouse is clinically depressed?
    • it lasts a long time, rather than just a stage which comes as a reaction to changes in their life
    • changes in patterns – e.g. eating and sleeping patterns
    • research depression
    • seek help – talk to a health worker
  • How do I avoid becoming depressed when my spouse is depressed?
    • look after yourself extra well
    • eat well, exercise etc
  • How can I cope with my partner’s mental illness?
    • stay centered
    • don’t react to their mental state
    • get professional help  for yourself
    • turn to friends for support

So, to keep love alive follow these tips and work at it.

Also, check out this article here on jealousy and envy  for another take on this subject.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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