10 Ways to Say I Love You

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Just Say I Love You


10 Ways to Just Say I Love You

Looking for fun ways to say I love you without speaking a word? It’s surprising how difficult some people find it to day ‘I love you’. Three powerful words – true but surely, not three words that we need to be afraid of. So, if you’re looking to express yourself and keep your love alive, try these steps.

Do you find it difficult to let the words roll? If you do, here are 10 ways that will help you to express yourself with your love match keep love alive.

  1. Write a note to your loved one. Just pick up a (nice) pen and jot it down. If you use a cute, pretty or tasteful piece of paper so much the better
  2. Text them Send them a modern equivalent of an olden day note. Let your thumbs do the talking. How hard can that be to type 8 letters? And this spontaneity will catch them off guard. In their inbox amongst all the dross and debris is a text which will catch them off guard and stand out for all the right reasons. So….. get to it
  3. Write it on a Cookie. Now this takes a bit more effort. If you can’f find a cookie get one of those cool cupcakes that are popping up everywhere and get your special 3 words piped on the top. Yummy for the tummy and food for the soul all wrapped up in one.
  4. Draw on Sidewalk. Return to your school days and write I Love You in chalk on the pavement. Let the world see what you mean. You’re in love and you are proud of how you feel.
  5. Write it on the bathroom mirror with soap. This is a much more private expression of your love but it is also more intimate too.
  6. Get a stack of Post it notes and use them. Line a wall with little stickies  and leave them there for her as a reminder of your true feelings.
  7. Draw on the windscreen of the car. This is especially nice if you go to the trouble of going over to where the car is parked and leaving your three little words as a surprise.
  8. Glow in the dark stars or stickers. Use these to write your glowing words of love on the bedroom wall. Very private a fun.
  9. Start a love book. Write down all the ways and times you think of your loved one and then, if you are too shy to tell them these things let them read your journal.
  10. Draft an advert and put it in a paper or magazine where you know that they are certain to see it.

Love You

You will find more ideas on how to say I love you here. All done without words!

10 easy ways to just say I love you without uttering a word. No need to choke over these three words. Just work your way through this list.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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