Charlie Todd: The Shared Experience of Absurdity

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Improv Show


 What do You do to Meet New People?

In this video Charlie Todd talks about how he causes hilarious public scenes that make people laugh. You know laughing is the best, quickest and easiest way to bring people together. It puts us in harmony with each other and only those who are mentally deranged can manage to laugh and mame at the same time. If only for a moment, being part of a movement required a degree of compatibility and cooperation.

These improv scenes of Todd’s also bring people together. Here’s a dating tip. This is a great way to find a date; put yourself out there, join the movement and see who is standing next to you? They just might be your next date.

In this time of separatism and isolation, where do we go to meet like-minded people? Not online, I mean physically meet people.

Improv Brings People Together

We join a cause we are passionate about. And if we can’t find one, we make on up. That’s what Todd did. He didnt have access to a Broadway stage and so he made the world his stage, and in doing so he has created a movement. Like-minded people, no not those with too much time on their hands (they go to baseball matches and watch football on tv), but people who want to hang out together and belong have joined his worldwide movement.

So, next time you are feeling out of touch and looking to put some real people in your life, look at what movements are happening in the world. There may just be one in your back yard and who knows, that might be where your next friend is hanging out.

Get on board; get involved. Stop living life from the sidelines. Spread a bit of that love. You might even start your own version of Improv Everywhere.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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