I Can Do Anything Good

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I Can Do Anything Good. Can You?

If there was ever a reason to get up and shout I can do anything, it is after watching this short video.

Sure, this little girl may be a rising star (keep up the singing lessons) but she is spot on with her sentiment. If we want to keep love alive we need to love ourselves first and be darn positive about it.

Do you get out of bed every morning thinking I can do anything good?

Perhaps we should.

It’s true you know. We can do anything – good or even better than good. There is so much we can do in life, so why do we limit ourselves by our thoughts, our actions and our beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are like those things on cars that stop us speeding (inhibitors). Why do we apply limiting beliefs to ourselves before we even reach the limits of our potential.

How do you limit yourself? Have a think. How is your line of thinking holding you back?

It doesn’t have to you know. We are only limited by ourselves, not life. Life in unbounded; unlimited. There is no scarcity in life. Sure, there may be a distribution problem with wealth and live and resources but there is an abundance of all that we need.

So, do you need to get up on the vanity basin today and sing out loud “I can do anything good”? Begin you day with an affirmation like this and watch the power of positive thinking in action in your life!

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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