Two Highly Manipulative Emotions That Are Bad For You

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Are you Hurt? Angry? 

The two main manipulative emotions that people use are hurt and anger. Remember, to keep love you need to find yourself first.

Who do you know who uses hurt and anger to get their own way? These people are:

  • the whiners – their classic line is ‘that’s not fair’
  • the sad people – chin down, moaning myrtles, always looking glum
  • the angry people – they yell, scream, kick the cat, slam doors. They have no personal boundaries; they have no self control

These people are just great at acting. They know how to act and they know how to act up bit time. These difficult people have learned to put on an act. truth be known they were allowed to get away with this from an early age and this being angry and acting hurt are two of the only ways they know how to express their feelings.

They have a very limited repertoire. Don’t let them get to you. See them for what they are – good actors, honing their craft. They use these skills to either try and make you feel guilty – and give in (picture little boy on ground throwing a tantrum) or to make you feel afraid – and give in.

See the desired outcome. They want – no, they need – you to give in – every time.

You may want to clap their next performance. Be warned though – stand back, just in case. Whatever you do though, if you are feeling brave – don’t give in. Don’t let them have their own way. It is not good for them (see their behavior). It is not good for you (remember how frightened you were in the past).

You can have control of the way people treat us. Begin today. If you are dating someone like this, then now is the time to get the relationship on a more mature footing. If you’re married and want to save your marriage then think seriously about this toxic game that has developed in your relationship and what you want to do about it.


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