How to Detect a Lie

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Do you suspect your partner is not telling the truth?

Then, learn how to detect a lie.

There are fewer things that can destroy a relationship quicker than lies. If you are married and you want to save your marriage, then stop all the lies. Even the hint of a lie is enough to sow the seeds of doubt and undermine trust. Don’t do it!

If it is you who is doing the lying. Stop. You are hurting yourself, your partner and your relationship and there will be a price to be paid.

If you suspect your partner of lying what do you do? Well, how about the direct approach? Ask him/her upfront. They will either tell you another lie – that is certainly what tends to happen when you’ve been drawn into the web of lies – or they will tell you the truth. But are you ready for the truth?

I suspect that sometimes we perpetuate the web of lies by deep down not wanting to hear the truth. Is that you? Have you been fooling yourself – or trying to fool yourself – about your relationship? Have you been covering up your partner’s lies with your own self denial? Nasty business. It is a web and the only thing a web does is catch prey. So, are you the prey or the hungry spider?

Check out this quick video for tips on how to detect when your partner is lying and more interestingly, how to detect when you are lying!

Watch for:

  • hand gestures
  • loads of blinking eyelids
  • extended language (I did not, rather than I didn’t)
  • avoidance of using pronouns like he and she
  • liars smile with only their mouth
  • closed body language (folded arms etc)
  • too much attention to detail
  • change the subject and see how overly relieved they are

Interesting stuff. And useful too. Don’t lie. Its as simple as that and if you do – don’t get caught out.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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