How to Attract a Scorpio

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How to Attract a Scorpio?

Are you sure you really want a Scorpio? Have you considered if you are truly compatible?

If you really want a Scorpio to fall in love with you and you are sure you want this, then you need to:

  • show slavish devotion
  • avoid the temptation to play hard to get
  • give them loads of compliments

Attract a Scorpio with a compliment.

Keep a Scorpio with a roll of compliments – more is definitely better than less.

Make a Scorpio for in love with you by – you guessed it – laying on those compliments thick and fast. Running out of ideas? You can’t afford to – if you want this Scorpio then you need to dig deep and find things to compliment. Their shampoo; new aftershave; different eyebrow shape; shade of nail polish; way holds his pen. Get the idea?

Insincere praise? They love it? So long as you are talking about them and massaging their ego, they will fall in love with you.

When dating a Scorpio be sure to spend up big. Nothing speaks more to them about how you feel than the money you outlay. Give them a cheap night out and you’ve blown it. That skimping just cost you the relationship. Seriously. if you can’t afford a Scorpio, don’t even try.

If your eyes start to wander and you reduce your focus on your Scorpio, even for a moment, you can kiss your Scorpio goodbye

Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios don’t forgive and they don’t forget either.

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, enjoy the ride. It will be filled with their demands and their unreasonable expectations and it won’t ever be boring.

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