Your Love is Written in the Stars

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So, the next Queen of England +1, Catherine Middleton was born a Capricorn and her husband, Prince William was born 21 June. Does this mean they share horoscope compatibility?

What does that mean astrologically? Do Kate and William share horoscope compatibility? Have they made a good commitment?

Apparently, this is good news – have the Royals finally learned a bit about love and compatibility?

I’ve just had a look at Youtube and the majority of astrologers are saying this is a good match. Thank heavens I can her you say. Why go to all the bother of visualizing and conceptualizing and aligning yourself with your prince if you’re not going to be happy? Wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, but it’s kinda nice to think that Wills and Kate will go ‘on and on’.

According to Susan Miller of Astrologyzone Kate and William are ‘supremely compatible’ and not only this William’s birthday is two days before that of Kate’s father’s and apparently that’s an auspicious coincidence.

William is a Cancerean and his key personal attributes include being good with money and being family oriented (that augurs well for a happy [small h and Big H] household!) and Kate, the Capricorn has natural leadership qualities (guess who will be wearing the pants in this relationship!)

You can check out the video here  William and Kate

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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