Horoscope Compatibility – Virgo and Libra

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Virgo and Libra – Is There Compatibility or Not?

This is not a match made in heaven. At first there may look like a reasonable match as both signs are fairly refined in their tastes. However, at some point irritations will start to annoy both parties.

Both are driven by different aims and it is unlikely that this pair will stay together for long.

Summary: Giving, Hesitant Elegant

Virgo is a practical, no nonsense Zodiac Sign and when it meets the slower, deeper thinking Libra it can be painful to watch. There is compatibility here but each approaches life in a different manner.

The attraction between this pair tends to be either mental or physical – but not both.

If the Libra is a man then he will appreciate the sweet natured Virgo. She has an air of purity and calm about her that appeals to him. However, the Virgo woman keeps her heart close – not for her is throwing her love and affection away at whoever comes along. The Virgo woman is independent and accomplished, although prone to self pity and gloom, and when she is in one of these moods she will criticize her Libra man.

In the opposite relationship, where the man is a Virgo and the woman Libra there is the opportunity for hearts to be won but it won’t all be plain sailing. Struggles will ensue as the strength of the female Libra may prove too overbearing for her Virgo male who, when it is said and done really want a quiet life as much as anything.

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