Your Order for a Prince

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It was the news of the recent British Royal Wedding that prompted me to start this round of blog posts.

Does marrying a prince require a special type of commitment or are all marriages based on the same sense of compatibility and dedication?

The British Royal Wedding certainly got the world buzzing, don’t you think?

Yes, I know some people went to great lengths to avoid the event of the decade. Some headed for the Himalayas; others went underground in Australian mines; while an even smaller group escaped to the ice floes at either end of the globe.

Nonetheless, it would have been difficult to avoid the excitement that, for a few weeks anyway, swept the world and raised us from the comparative ordinariness of our everyday lives.

We in Australia already had our very own, home-grown commoner turned princess. You may know of her. She was Mary Donaldson (see above, left), that is, she was Mary from Tasmania before she became Mary in Denmark.

So, it could be said that we’re on a roll as far as social pole climbing is concerned. Never has there been a better time for women around the world to brush up on their fairy tales and materialize a prince in their immediate future.

So, what will yours be? Are you looking for a long commitment or a short contract? Will your order be ‘tall dark and handsome’ or ‘short, fat and old’?

Indeed, how does your own horoscope and ultimately, your zodiac compatibility with your prince contribute to your happy every after ending?

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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