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I suspect that the Duchess of Cambridge (need Kate Middleton) is a master (or should that read mistress?) when it comes to planning, focus, and implementation.

All very good skills to have in everyday life and obviously very handy when it comes to snaring a prince.

So, where did Kate get these personal qualities from? Did she learn them or are they inherited? Ah, I hear you say, that ol’ chestnut ‘nature versus nurture’.

More is known about Kate’s background now that she has joined what the British endearingly call The Firm. But maybe she has just upsized! Has she taken on too much or does this relationship involve the right amount of compatibility and commitment, on all level for a Capricorn like her?

Her parents come from humble stock and much is made of this fact (to give all the princesses-in-waiting more hope perhaps?).

Zodiac Match

Interesting to consider, was Kate a princes-in-waiting even before she met her man? Does ambition and focus run in families; is it handed down from one generation to the next; or is there an element of chance in all this?


I just looked at Wikipedia and discovered that Kate was born on 9th January. Now, I know a thing or two about those who are born on that day because I am married to a Capricorn and have been so for 25 years.

I’m not an astrologer mind you and I have a lot to learn about horoscope compatibility but I do know my goats from my fish.

Let’s have a peak at what the professionals say about Kate astrologically-speaking and see whether her birth sign has anything to do with her course in life.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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