The Halo Effect – Take those Rose Colored Glasses Off!

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The Halo Effect – another Dating Tip

Have you ever noticed how someone looks amazing to one of your friends – beautiful, smart, intelligent – but you just don’t get it? What you see is an attractive person with an average IQ. Your friend is suffering from what psychologists call the halo effect.

This effect is best demonstrated in the case of movie stars. (Question: How did people like Ronald Regan and Arnold Schwarzenegger move from screen star to the heart of politics and government? Answer: The Halo Effect)

We see them as likeable and attractive and out brain then moves on to make the connection that they must be friendly and trustworthy. That is quite a leap, don’t you think? And we do it all the time.

We use the halo effect subconsciously in our every day dealings with people and the marketers of the world use it on us – big time.
The interesting thing about us and this halo effect is that even when we know it is being used on us, we deny it. It is that powerful!

Your New Relationships

So, next time you eye of a guy, vote for your favorite politician, or even give someone the brush off consider this. Are you really responding to the person or who you think they are – halo effect and all that.

You may be voting for the wrong person for seemingly the right reason. You may be missing out on a really decent guy who, while he may not be handsome or cute he is smart, friendly and intelligentyou just can’t see that at the time. These are great traits for a long haul relationship – be it romantic or otherwise!

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