How to Flirt Like a Pro!

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How to Flirt Like a Pro Dating Tips

How quickly do we make up our minds about whether we like someone and are attracted to them? Two minutes? Three minutes at a push? Definitely, no more than four minutes. Attraction is one thing; compatibility is another.

But, it only takes us a few minutes to take in loads of information about a new person – consciously and unconsciously. We pick up more info in the first few minutes, when our radar is tuned than possibly at any other time in a relationship.

So, if you are new to dating or newly back on the dating scene, that gives you only a brief window of opportunity to unconsciously gather data and make that flirty first impression.

Here are some tips to make flirting easier:

  • 55% of all communication is body language. So, check it out and give it out.
  • ladies, remember the hair toss – when done properly, it is a very sensual ‘come on’
  • lean in towards your potential date as he talks, moving into his personal space in an unthreatening manner
  • another NLP tip is called mirroring. This is where we subtly mirror the body moves of the other person. If she has her legs crossed, slowly cross yours. If he waves his hands around as he gets excited – do the same but don’t exaggerate the move, just do it so only his unconscious picks up on your move. You can also try this using words – just feed back the same words they use every now and again but don’t over do this or you’ll end up sounding like a parrot
  • appeal to his or her senses – in particular the sense of smell. Smell is our strongest anchor. You remember how it is? You smell a certain perfume and suddenly you are taken back to another time and place. A particular type of smell, called pheromones is particularly important in the mating game.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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