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How to Get You Ex Back

So you had a wonderful relationship. Maybe you were even married for a while. But now it has come to an end, or so it looks. However, if you are like many letting go does not come without  fight. Here are some relationship tips to use to get your ex back.

  • clean up your act

Don’t wallow with self pity. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve for all the world to see. It is unattractive. Grieve in private. Your ex is not dead. They are just (at this point in time) dead to you. By moping around privately you can separate your public behavior from your private behavior. I’m not saying you need to hide your feeling all together. I’m just suggesting that it is better to tone it down, way down.

  • act normal

Even if you are breaking inside, try and act normal. Don’t go over the top with ‘gee isn’t life great’ but by going about your life in what is a typical way for you you’re actually telling the world and your ex that you’re a well functioning (read not disfunctional) guy – much for appealing for all who notice.

  • build your inner strength

Why not take this opportunity to work on a bit of personal growth? To love someone, truly love them you have to keep your love of yourself alive and that mean when things are easy and now, when the going is tough.

Building resilience not only makes you look attractive it also makes you feel stronger, more able and more attractive. Its a win win all round. So, while you may be like jelly inside, spend time on yourself and you’ll find that it pays off.

  • don’t rank and rave about your ex

Nothing more embarrassing than making up with your ex and finding that your bagging them comes back to bite you. be mature; you are an adult I presume. So, act like one. Leave the school yard behavior for the school kids.

  • meeting up

No doubt you’ll run into your ex from time to time. Unless they were unfaithful to you (in which case the rules of engagement are different) there is no need to give them the cold shoulder or bad mouth them.

  • do the unexpected

Don’t go overboard but take up a new hobbie; join a book group; enrol in a course. Do whatever you can to show them that they didnt really know you after all and that there is more to you that they never got the chance to explore and enjoy. Nothing like a bit of intrigue to keep them guessing and make them curious.

  • I’m sorry – up to a point

Why did you break up? Even if it wasn’t your fault or not your fault entirely there is always room for these two words. I’m sorry can work wonders even if it means: I’m sorry for the hurt you’re going through now that we’ve separated; I’m sorry that we didn’t work out; I’m sorry that you ran off with my best friend (just kidding – just seeing if you’re paying attention). Strangely, being sorry can actually work against you in some cases so,use your discretion here.

So, now you have two opinions – mine and what’s in the video – leave your comment below.

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