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Rearranged mirror
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Here is another feng shui tip to get your life in order. There is no point in looking at your relationships as being separate from the other aspects of your life. All is connected. Do you get that. We are all connected. Every thing that happens in our lives, all the people we attract, everything we do is connected.

Do you sleek clean lines or clutter? Do you see piles of papers and unread books, marked with a mental note that says “To Do”? It gets worse. Do you see dust and dirt and stale food lying around?

How can you invite in the new when there is no room? You need to move that energy; shake it up; move things around in order to get things moving.

Looking for new life in your life? Then try moving that furniture.This doesn’t have to be a big move; 15 minutes of moving will shake things up.

Have a look at the video below and, even if you don’t change 21 things around, you will get things moving just by moving that furniture. It can’t hurt right? (Well if can, but if you follow the instructions you should be OK).

Move it and and that mere action will breathe new life into your life.

Good luck. Oh and by the way, you dont have to believe in feng shui. It’s not like a religion or a belief. Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t. You decide – after you have moved things around of course.

So, now you have my thoughts on Geomancy…

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