Gemini and Leo Compatibility

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You’re a Leo and your partner is a Gemini or is it the other way around. No matter, why are you reading about horoscope compatibility.

Can’t you tell that you are one of the great matches of the Zodiac? Leo you are attracted to Gemini’s maverick nature and you have a good, grounding effect on your partner. Gemini you are the thrill seeker and Leo loves this about you

Sure, there is some madness in your relationship but you are both attracted to this craziness in your own way. Leo, you tend to be an in your face type of person and Gemini your tendency is to be all over the place. On the surface, this may seem a strange hook up but the chemistry between you is strong enough to pull you together and keep you that way. You just have to work to keep the love alive.

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Historical Couple: John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

Keywords: Illusionary, vibrant, enthusiasm

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