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Gemini – The Fun Facts

Is God a Gemini? Why do I ask? According to Fun with Gemini, the world, the universe, everything in fact is the result of random interactions and happenstance – much like everything in the life of Gemini.

The symbol for Gemini is the Twins, most people know that but unlike actual twins in real life, Gemini finds it hard to get on, even with themselves.

Gemini Fun Facts

Gemini Fun Facts

Split Personality or Over Thinking Things

Gemini is known for over thinking things. They invented over-analysing, in fact. The Twins have a remarkable gift for seeing all sides of a situation, even when there is only one side to be noted. They like to complicate things by over thinking things.

Gemini Style

Gemini Style

Geminis, when they aren’t over thinking things are prone to restlessness and nervousness. And, even when they aren’t feeling restless and nervous chances are they will be projecting an air of nervousness!

Astrologically speaking, telling a Gemini to settle down is a bit like telling an alcoholic to stop drinking.

The Gemini you know is probably the life of the party.

Gemini Style

Gemini Style

Gemini would love to rule the world (that God complex thing again). However, they usually cannot even rule themselves without alone the whole of the human race. On the upside, Geminis make great teachers and communicators; they tend to be not materialistic; are charming; and great at faking gaps in their knowledge.

The Gemini male is typically interesting and friendly; the female is usually the life of the party.

Romantically, Geminis are good at maintaining relationships – well so they think. And just to prove it, Geminis have loads of on the job personal training.

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