Friends With Benefits

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Friend With Benefit


Friends with Benefits

Are you in a sexual relationship with a friend and that is all there is to it? No commitment; free and easy; no expectations, no heavy stuff. This is what is known as being a friend with benefits.

So, does this arrangement work? Does it suit guys more than girls? Does it suit certain personality types more than others? Sure you may be compatible as friends and even compatible in bed but……

I suspect the answer is yes and so does Kim Hess, in the video above.

Here are some things to think about re this arrangement. Be warned though, I suspect that friends with benefits is actually a cop out. It might be better to keep love of yourself alive and work on your own personal growth rather than be distracted from the main game.

Warning: Gross Generalisations Coming Right Up:

  • it blurs the lines between friendship and intimacy
  • women tend to get more attached than guys especially where there is a physical side to the relationship
  • a woman is far more than her body and to think otherwise is to try and separate the heart and emotions from the deal. That in itself is not a good sign – why hold back the essence of your being?

  • to sleep with a friend is to have sex but the cost, ultimately, will be the loss of that friend from your life and probably loads of heartache along the way
  • it may also stop you from confronting the real issue – why are you avoiding complete intimacy?

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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