Five First Date Turn Offs for Men

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First Date No NosĀ 

Check out these tips from real guys telling it like it is. These guys are telling up girls what we should already know. Their dating tips are pretty obvious – but in case you’ve forgotten the basics here they are again.

In a nutshell first date turn offs are:

  • lack of conversation with ease

We are not talking chatter here. If you are so anxious that you just blab on, guess what? That cure guy opposite you is just going to tune out. With guys it’s a fine balance between covering the awkward silences and filling them till it gets uncomfortable for them.

So yes, by all means talk. But no, don’t chatter on. Tip: be interesting

  • showing no or little interest in the guy

Let’s face it guys are generally the centre of their universe and if you want to get even close to their center then you need to talk about what they are interested in. Tip: be interested

  • too much talk of me

Refer point above. You get it? Less about me and more about you.

  • being unadventurous

Not sure what the guy is getting at here but I’d rephrase that and say, if they guy comes up with an idea for a first date or a second date don’t reject his idea just because you haven’t tried it before. A new relationship is a chance to learn more about yourself – look at it as personal development with your own personal coach

  • second date

If you get to second date, are you the same person who was there on the first? Don’t put on a persona that isn’t you on the first date because you are setting yourself up for failure. Be natural, not forced. I guess the test of compatibility starts to click in right at the start of the first date. There’s no need to string the guy along if you are not a good match. you may even be brave enough to admit that as soon as you feel it – he may just be a friend in waiting instead

So there it is. A few no nonsense tips about no nos you should avoid on your first date.

So, now you have two opinions on First Date No Nos …


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