Do It! Feng Shui Your Love Life

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Can you Feng Shui Your Love Life?

Of course you can. Feng Shui is for every aspect of your life and what could be more important than relationships, compatibility and love?


Your Bedroom and Your Love Life

Take a fresh look at your bedroom. Stand in the door way and look inwards. To the right is what is known as your relationship corner. What have you got there? The bathroom/ensuite? The exercise bike? Or the bed?

As this is the relationship corner put things that relate to your relationship (or your next relationship) there. Maybe some pictures of you and your partner or symbols like mating doves.

Whatever it is, make it love related and uncluttered. Enhance the corner with soft lighting watch your love life improve.

Opt for a Queen size bed rather than the king size – too big and usually split down the middle. Not good symbolism!

Attach a headboard to the bed – this stabilizes the relationship and adds support to the couple.

And, go for balance and symmetry. Have matching bedside tables, with matching lamps etc. Aesthetically this is leasing and energy wise it balances both parties that make up the couple.

So, there you have it.

Look at your bedroom afresh and let the Feng Shui winds blow change through your love life.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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