Are You Faking it with Fake Goods?

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Faking it with Fake Goods

Fake goods are a relatively new phenomena in the world. Today, there is fake everything – from tans to sunglasses to friendships.

You name it. We can fake it. Do you even fake love or do you genuinely love yourself and your partner?

So, why do we want to fake it? What is it about ourselves and our lives that we find so inadequate that we need to inject fake into it?

Are we just faking it to we make it? If so, when will we know that we have ‘made it’? Curious thought huh?

A bell is not going to suddenly start ringing to tell us we have ‘made it’ and so it is up to us to decide when enough fake it enough.

Then, how much fake is too much? Can we have too much fake and not enough authenticity in our lives? Of course we can but most of us don’t know when to say stop. No more fake, thank you. I’m full bottle on copies and scams and hoaxes. I’m even starting to believe all this forgery stuff and I can’t remember what genuine feel like.

Is this you? If it is check out the video and see what too much fake can do to the real you. It is frightening. Well I think it is.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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