Your Favorite Fairy Tale

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Fairy Tale Romance

So, what was your favorite fairy tale? Did it involve dating and romance? Do you prefer olden day stories or contemporary tales?

Let’s start a bit of a list:

  • Rapunzel and her Prince
  • Cinderella and Prince Charming
  • Fiona and Shrek
  • Snow White and The Prince and the Pea
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • The Princess and the Pea
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Twelve Dancing Princesses
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William

I’m sure you’re familiar with the story line. It’s essentially the same in each story and some fairy tales romance date from ancient times.

So, there we have it. For thousands of years we have been fed the line that as women we need to be rescued and as men we need to liberate our women.

Fairy Tale Weddings

What a load of rubbish!

So, should we think twice before we take our children to see Walt Disney films? Maybe we should if we think about it; definitely we should if we want to be politically correct.

But, where’s the fun in that? Where’s the escapism? The romantic dream? The happy ever after?

Personally, I’m in two minds about this (and lots of other things too, as you’ll soon see if you stay around long enough).

It wasn’t that long ago I was reading fairy tales to my children and enjoying them too. But, if I reflect back on why I liked them, it had more to do with the escapism than romanticism and travel and exploration rather than domestic bliss.

What would you do?

Would you condemn all fairy tales to the trash can in order to save women and men everywhere from heartache and disillusionment?

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


Do you perhaps prefer to continue to ignore the gap between fiction and reality and just see fairy tales as harmless fun?

What do you think?

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