Do You Live Near Your Extended Family?

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Do You Live Near Your Extended Family?

Do you come from a big family? Do they live nearby? If they do, congratulations. In my book, living close to extended family enhances the chances of you having a successful relationship.

Have you ever thought about that? I have. I’ve lived away from my extended family for many years. You know how it is, life takes us on a journey and sometimes that journey involves a plane, along plane ride, many long plan rides in fact and before you know it you’ve settled half way across the country or half way around the world.

So, what does all this locating, relocating and dislocating mean for the family unit? I think it means a lot and not all of it is good.

Take the example of a friend of mine. She move countries, hemispheres in fact with her new husband. No one from her past visited; no one from her past saw what her life had become; no one saw how much her life had changed, for the worse.

They moved to where they knew no one and her husband took over the relationship. His values (borderline poverty) dominated; his beliefs rules (woman’s place is in the home waiting for her man). My girlfriend got lost in that marriage. She lost herself and you know what that means. Low self esteem, low self worth, depression, and weight gain. And all the while her husband thrived, quite oblivious to his wife metamorphing before his eyes.

My theory is that relationships survive, even thrive when there are members of the extended family living close by. Im not saying too close by and this doesn’t apply when the family is totally disfunctional. I think that having people living nearby who care and who notice will, in the end, be beneficial for not only¬† saving a marriage but also for the personal development of all the family members.

I may be wrong. What do you think?

So, now you have my thoughts on Extended Families…

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