Are Your Really Ready to End the Affair?

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Ending an Affair

Are You Having an Affair?

If you love you souse why are you having an affair? Do you ask yourself this and similar questions over and over?  If you want to save you marriage check out the advice in the video above.

End the Affair

End the Affair

Cheating – but Want to End the Affair?

Is it possible to love two people at the same time? Of course it is. But that’s not the question here. What is relevant is, is it possible to love two people equally at the same time. I believe the answer is no.

To have an affair in the first place shows that there is something missing in your marriage. Sure, having an affair might give you what you are missing – be it fun, excitement, love-making – whatever, but at what cost.

Cheating on your husband or wife can be devastating. It can be devastating to you, your self esteem and sense of worth. It can be devastating to your partner, your children, even your family. Your actions have far reaching ramifications, even if you can’t see it now. Of course, there is also your lover who is being impacted and will be devastated when you end that affair now.

End Your Love Affair – Easier said Than Done

So, how do you end your love affair. It is possible to just go ‘cold-turkey’ and stop it immediately but that really doesn’t address the underlying issue. What is it that is lacking in your marriage that lead you to this affair in the first place? Just ending your affair will not take care of the fundamental weakness that you obviously see is present in your relationship with your spouse. That needs to be named, even shared with your parter.

End Love Affair

End Love Affair

No need to confess about the affair; what is necessary is to explore the gaps, the holes in your marriage and try and fill them from within. Of course, no one can be everything to anyone. It is too big an ask for you to expect your spouse to fulfil all your needs, but the fact that you are having an affair strongly suggests there are soem pretty fundamental flaws that need ot be recognised.

Have you ever considered that the flaw may be a personality flaw of yours? Maybe it has nothing to do with a lack in your marriage. Maybe it says more about you than you think. Food for thought?

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