Depression – Don’t Deny It

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Emotional Depression

Depression Advice

In this video, subtitled “advice I have gotten” the writer, narrator, illustrator shares some of the advice that we are probably all familiar with. In fact, most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, have even given this advice to others.

It’s not a good look. So, why do we do it? Why do we fob off our partners, our friends, our families with pap?

First, let’s have a look at the type of advice we’re talking about:

  • don’t be sad, be happy (do we all have a choice or is depression something that’s difficult to manage?)
  • don’t think about bad things, think about good things instead (does this work all the time or does it lead to an equal and opposite imbalance?)
  • get over it (what exactly are we meant to get over, and how?)
  • lighten up (does fake it till you make it really work?)
  • withdraw from others until you’ve got your sh++t together (doesn’t that just compound depression? Isn’t it better to keep mixing?)
  • should be grateful for what we have (clothes, roof, family etc) and therefore have no business being morose
  • have you no pride? (why are you sharing your dirty laundry?)
  • buck up and stop talking nonsense (life is relative: what hits one person really hard will wash off another’s back)
  • stop wasting your life (that advice really eases the pressure!)
  • lift weights; get active; do something (till the endorphins kick in)
Emotional Depression

Emotional Depression

Are You Depressed?

Here are some questions that may help you to decide. In the past month:

  • have you felt tired for no reason? How often?
  • about how often did you feel so nervous that nothing could calm you down?
  • about how often did you feel hopeless?
  • about how often did you feel that everything was an effort?
  • about how often did you feel so sad that nothing could cheer you up?
  • about how often did you feel worthless?
Good, solid questions and ones that psychologists use to do a quick assessment. But these questions are just the start.
Sure, medication may help (and I do advise you to see your health professional – who is not me!) but what can you do to help yourself? Here are some ideas.

How to Cope with Depression

  • list activities you used to enjoy and schedule them into your day
  • get up at the same time every morning, even if you feel exhausted and unmotivated
  • take regular exercise – even if it’s just walking the dog. Do it!
  • don’t dwell on negative thoughts – would listening to music help?
  • confide in close friends and family about what you are feeling but don’t dwell on it
  • seek medical attention
  • call an emergency counselling service like Lifeline or Samaritans
Ever been depressed? What has helped you? Leave your comment below.
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