How I Learnt to Embrace Myself

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Embrace Others


To Embrace Otherness Means to Embrace Me

In this video, Thandie Newton talks about the evolution of self. Who are we? How do we construct our sense of self? To be other than otherness we need to love ourselves first.

We start life as new born babies and psychologists tell us we have no sense of separateness. We are born with the sense that we are one with all that we surrounds us.

Something happens to that primal instinct and as we grow we learn that we are separate – separate to the breast that feeds us, the arms that hold us the legs that carry us around.

To Know You First I Must Know Myself

Slowly we develop our sense of identity. We aren’t born with a sense of who we are; it’s something we learn as we grow and go through life.

But who is this self? Is it who we want to be; who others want us to be; who we think we should be? That is a difficult philosophical question.

Thandie asks “how many times would my self die before I realized that it was never alive in the first time?”

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


Do we die and recreate ourselves over and over? And if we do, why do we do this? Is it only the factors that Thandie talks about: skin color, religion, family history, hair color etc or is there more to it than that? I suspect there is. Some of us are defined by our otherness  – who and what we are not – and others are defined by who and what we are.

How does this come about? Are you a noticeable nobody or an unnoticeable somebody? Are you invisible, highly visible or both depending on the circumstance?

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