Don’t Get Back With Your Ex

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Don’t Make Up!

So, you want to get back with your ex? Have you really thought this through? Why did you break up in the first place?

  • Was he unfaithful? That’s a biggie to forgive and forget won’t be easy
  • Were you really not compatible? So what has changed in the short intervening time that will suddenly make you fall in love and be compatible?
  • Had your relationship run out of steam? If you’d tried all the dating tips that the internet had to offer and you still weren’t excited by each other do you seriously think he is going to excite you now?
  • Perhaps you weren’t astrologically compatible right from the outset – that is certainly not going to alter one bit. You were born a Pisces, or a Virgo or a Capricorn and you will stay that until you pass from this mortal coil
  • Perhaps you were even married for a time and you did give it a good go (whatever that means to you). You did all you could to save your marriage, but in the end you just couldn’t give any more.

The point is if you did all that you could while you were together to establish and maintain a loving relationship what could you possible do or say or try now that will make the past problems go away.

Irreconcilable Differences

As Evan points out in the video clip:

  • getting back together with your ex is a dangerous idea
  • if your ex has moved on then… they have moved on … new wife, different husband, children even… they have moved on ….. why haven’t you?
  • if the old relationship is re-established there will probably be infidelity involved…. yes, cheating .. and if he can cheat with you, who is to say he won’t cheat with another… mmm?

Add to this, all the unique complications that each relationship entails – time zones, age differences, cultural sensitivities, children etc – and you need to get the idea now that moving on is a great idea. Do that NOW!

And dont make up.


So, now you’ve got two opinions on why your shouldn’t make up …

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