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It’s Complicated – Dating Tips for Relationships

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I love this old take on current issues.

Alice asks How do you tell him he’s dating more than just you?

Some people come baggage free; others have children, exes, in laws even. So, to ask if he will accept my dog as part and parcel of accepting me seems a no brainer.

You’ve got to keep life in perspective (otherwise life has a way of reminding us what is, and isn’t important.) A dog is not a big deal – well unless it has some irregular foibles or unendearing traits. So, I won’t say categorically that dogs are no big deal because there are dogs that:

  • sleep on their owner’s bed – in the bed even – end of story
  • fit inside handbags and going as a threesome is natural
  • are closer to horses in size and they need to be exercised – lots
  • fret when their owners leave – and I’m talking big time fretting here!

So, while a dog does add an extra dimension to life it may not be the dimension you are looking for.

My Dog

Love me, love my dog. Mmmm. No always.

Before you get too involved asked if there is to be a third in the relationship and ask that you meet. On neural territory of course – none of this home town advantage stuff – and see what the pecking order looks like. If you feel decidedly like the third element then you may just want to explore elsewhere.

Dogs are great – in their right place which is not at the top of the human pack.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

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