Some Great Advice on Dating an Older Guy

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Dating An Older Guy


Advice on Dating the Older Guy

Do young girls really date older guys? I mean much older guys – senior citizens – in fact. In real life this is. Not in the movies; not in the papers, not for attention seeking. In everyday life does Miss Average date Mr Much Older? Probably and, not too often or for long.

Does the thought of this make you squirm? Do you find yourself asking why? How? What? Or is that just me?

There are cultural differences in all these issues and what may be accepted practice in one cuountry will not necessarily be condoned in another.

So, what happens when those from minority cultures move to Western countries like Australia, UK and America? Does the law in the new, adopted country get overlooked or accepted without question by the new citizens and what happens if the old ways continue to be practised?

While age disparities can be as much as 35 or 40 years today, the fact that these relationships are even happening suggests that they may be becoming less stigmatized. But is this what we want in society?

What is driving this?

Is it needy girls who are looking for sugar daddy’s to replace the father figures they never had? Is this what this movement is about? The lack of active, hand-on involvement of fathers in their children’s lives.

Or is it more a case of older men using their experience, power, and money to exploit the younger, vulnerable women? Is this about status? Is an older man just as much a handbag on the arm of the young women as the other way around?

Is this love as we know it? And where will this end?

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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