Friends to Lovers and Back Again – Is it Possible?

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Dating and Friendships

This is such a big topic. Let’s start with a few questions.

  • Why would you chance ruining a good friendship by dating your best friend?
  • Will dating your friend create a vacancy – bit like taking your mistress as your wife – suddenly you’ve created a vacancy? Think about that one…mmm.
  • Will you be as great as mates as you are as besties?
  • What will happen if you don’t take your friendship to the next level? Will your friendship grow stronger?

Check out the video above. The guy on the left is a relationship counsellor and he thinks it is possible to go from friend, to mate to friend.

I’m not so sure about that. Sure maturity plays a part but…

Dating friend

Dating Friend

It’s Complicated – Do You Really Want to Date Your Friend?

Let’s face it. Emotions complicate things and most of us can’t turn them on and off at will. So, once a couple have become lovers the lines are blurred and I would suggest they will stay that way for a very long time.

You’re not just talking about one set of emotions; there are two people involved here and that means double the complication.

In my experience, most if not all male-female friendships reach a T-junction. It’s at that point that, consciously or unconsciously, that the pair will decide which way to take their relationship.

Again, in my experience, once the choice of path has been made, it is not easy to change direction.

If you choose to explore each other more fully, I suggest you are willing to risk your friendship. If you choose to stay as friends, the element of what-if will remain with you forever and can, in itself, be a force of attraction.

Think twice. What you do at this T-junction is soo important. Some people merely slow a little as they approach this important crossroad. I think it is a better idea to acknowledge it – at least to yourself and even to your friend – and proceed knowing that things may get better, or worse for you both.

I may be wrong. You may just fall in love forever! In which case you might like to see the other point of view below.

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