How to Date a Taurus Man

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Want to Date a Taurus Man?

Here are some easy tips on how to ask a Taurus guy out for a date.

Do you love to cook? Are you good at finding interesting restaurants? Are you prepared to put food at the center of your life? You should be because that is where the Taurus male likes his food – in the middle of his world.

Talk food and you’ll get his attention. Dish it up and you’ll have him eating out of your hand.

Taureans also love nature and being outdoors. Are you the outdoorsy type?  Hope you are because that is where he love to be – close to Mother Nature. if you are wondering if you guys really are compatible it might be worth checking out you horoscope compatibility before you buys those hiking boot and enroll in that cooking class.

Taurus guys are also fond of the Arts. Which branch of the Arts, well that is up to you to find out. Explore the options in a conversation and then do your homework See what is coming up at the Gallery; what ballet is premiering; which new Opera is about to be released for the first time. If this is all too highbrow, then tone it down a bit. He may just love movies.

Whatever you decide be it a commune with nature or a night of the Arts, don’t change the venue, don’t change the date, don’t change the time. The Taurus male doesn’t cope with change all that well.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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