What are You Really Communicating?

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What are You Communicating?

There is a saying among pop psychologists that ‘you cannot NOT communicate’. Do you get it?

We are always communicating, even when our lips are sealed. Speaking is such a small part of the total communication process. Actual tone of your voice and your body language are the two biggest components in the whole communication game.

So, what are you really communicating in your relationship? If your marriage is close to breaking point and you are wondering how to bring things back from the brink, look at how you are when you are together.

Is there hostility in your voice? Does you body language indicate you are closed off? What about your partner? Think back to those early, heady days of your relationship. You remember. Those days when you were so in lust and love and so totally compatible that you couldn’t get enough of each other. 

How did you communicate then? How different was the tone of your voice and your intentions! Were you more respectful of each other? Did you make time to sit down and really listen to the other person? Was your attention focused on each other intently when you were together?

Chance are you were totally there for each other in the early days. So, why not now?

Have you fallen into bad habits? Cut corners in your relationship? Pared back so far that there’s not much left to hold onto?

If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Familiarity does breed contempt and in this world of time scarcity we all stand accused of cutting corners.

So, why not wind back the clock; change one thing about the way you communicate to your love; and see what one small change can do to your partnership.

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


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