Are You Stuck in a Controlling Relationship?

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Are You in a Controlling Relationship? Or in


Are you stuck in a relationship that is hemming you in? Isn’t it the worst feeling? Here you are wanting to get on with life and enjoy it but it seems every thing you do is either mistrusted or put down by your partner. Anyone, well almost anyone can be fooled into believing they are compatible with their partner, if they are forced to give so much that there is little left of themselves in their marriage or relationship. Compromise by all means but dont be controlled to the extend that you are dominated.

Want to go away with your girlfriends for the weekend? No way, he says. You belong with me. Don’t you love me? Don’t you want to spend every moment of the weekend with me? You would, he says, if you really truly loved him.

Boy, this is so infuriating, don’t you think.  You may love him, or not. That’s got nothing to do with spending every moment of your spare time with him.

Break that cycle now. Break that connection in your head this minute. You can love some one and not live in their pockets.

So, if your partner is trying to cage you in, sit down and have that conversation. You know the one that starts with, I love you and I feel you are being too controlling.


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