Not Ready for a Committed Relationship Yet?

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What is a Committed Relationship?

A committed relationship is the natural extension of a casual pairing. A dating couple will naturally move into a committed relationship phase or break up, although some relationship do drift long after they’re finished. So, if you do keep love alive chances are you are moving towards a (scarey word coming up) committed love relationship.

So, are you ready for monogamy?

It does contain a derivative of the dreaded word commitment and that is probably why some people never feel ready for a committed relationship. Are you one of those? Let’s take a look at a few issues around this commitment.

When is it time to move from a casual relationship to a serious one?

If you have to ask chances are you are not ready. It’s not like someone is going to ring a bell and you move from casual to committed. It doesn’t work like that, so don’t force it.

What’s the secret to a healthy romanticrelationship?

The number 1 key to a successful relationship, of any kind, romantic or otherwise is ……. honesty. Pure and simple. If you are not open and honest with your partner then your relationship is doomed but more importantly, your health and self esteem will suffer. Don’t do it. Don’t get in the habit of lying. It is difficult to break

What are signs of an unhealthy relationship?

Look out for the tell tale signs of sarcasm, sadness, physical and mental abuse, and having nothing or little in common!

So, now you have my thoughts. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


What is falling in love versus being in love about?

The butterflies in your stomach are not love a sign of love. That’s just the feel good endorphins talking. Certainly, they play a role in the falling in love part of love but this is not the same as being in love.

Being deeply in love can only happen when there is two way mutual trust, respect and commitment.

How do I know if my girlfriend or boyfriend really loves me?

You’ll know because you and your partner will have moved to the same heart space where you naturally look out for each other, think about the other and try to fulfill each other’s needs. It’s not about fawning over each other, pawing each other, making 100 texts a day. That is neediness and clawing and if anything, that kind of behavior will and probably should drive love away.

How can I tell if my someone is cheating on me?

Obvious signs include secrecy and less obvious signs are when they throw questions back at you and accuse you of inconsistencies.

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